Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

Annual Home Inspection Services in Summerville, Charleston, Georgetown, Orangeburg, Walterboro & Surrounding Areas of SC

Looking for an Inspection to keep up with Annual Home Maintenance?

Level Footing Home Inspection serves the Summerville, Charleston, Georgetown, Orangeburg, Walterboro & Surrounding Areas of SC. We offer annual home inspections with a full breakdown of all the findings. Call us at (843) 478-5047 to schedule a professional annual home inspection.

What is an Annual Home Inspection?

Even the most responsible homeowners may forget about performing annual home builder warranty inspections or overlook home repairs and seasonal maintenance. We want to make you aware it is the perfect time to get an Annual Home Warranty or Maintenance Inspection performed. This will allow you to be proactive vs reactive when it comes to maintaining your home, and overall will maximize your home’s value.

Level Footing Home Inspection of Summerville, SC recommends having an Annual Home Inspection serviced at your primary home and any investment properties managed. This allows you to maintain each of these properties, and it also provides a written record of each property’s condition.

As a homeowner or investor, you have to understand that your home or investment property requires regular care and consistent maintenance. Homes deteriorate over time and annual home inspections, along with proactive repairs and upkeep are a necessity for longevity of the property.

Our Annual Home Inspection Include: